Raw Indian Cuisine

People who practice yoga tend to adopt other aspects of Indian culture as well - including Indian food! Who doesn't love salty dal, creamy potato masala, savory coconut chutney, and spicy vegetable rice, all served with a chapati or thick piece of naan?
The good news is that raw food can easily be manipulated to imitate the textures and flavors of old favorites, in addition to inspiring delicious new creations!

Stay tuned for more Raw Indian Cuisine.

A Thali is a meal usually served as a late lunch. It can be as simple as rice and a few soups and sauces, or as complex as a multi-course meal. The basics of a thali is a rice, a soup, a vegetable salad, a yogurt, and something sweet. You can mix and match at your own discretion, but here is a sample Thali that I created for some friends while visiting India.

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The Basics:
  • Rice
  • Chapatis/ Rotis
  • Rasmalai
  • Malai Kofta

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