Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gone Durian Hunting

For the year 2012 I am off on a fools mission - chasing the durian fruit in SE Asia. For any of you not familiar with the durian, it's a thorny fruit infamous not only for its dangerous spikes and remarkable odor, but for its powers of division. Few people are without opinion when it comes to durian - it's either love or hate.

Not everyone goes to the lengths of obsession of the truly amorous, who may spend years of their lives following the durian season from country to country. Those who hate durian may tolerate its odor better than the first governor of Singapore, who was said to flee, nose in perfumed hanky, at the first whiff of the fruit. The durian is banned in hotels, airports, public transportation, movie theaters, and sometimes public toilets.

Sharing durian in Sumatera, Indonesia
For the year 2012 my husband Rob and I have joined the durian hunters - the small group of individuals who traverse SE Asia following the durian season as it moves from country to country.  We're now six months in to our Year of the Durian. We've explored Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia. We're currently in Malaysia.

I'll be updating this site periodically as I have time, energy, and something inspires me. But until January 2013 when my durian year is over, I won't be posting frequently. Until then, check in to to see what I'm up to.


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