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Interview #7: Kath Ford

 The Yoga Goddess

  Katherine Ford
  Age 31  North Stradbroke Island  
  Samadhi Raw Yoga Retreat

Yoga Goddess Kath Ford went raw in order to be the best mom possible. Her daughter Oceana is now 4.5years old, and has been high raw vegan her entire life. Kath runs low fat raw vegan yoga retreats in Bali and near her home in North Stradbroke. You can find out more about Kath and her yoga retreats at her website,

How long have you been practicing yoga? Did yoga lead you to raw food, raw food to yoga, or did they coincide?  I’ve been practicing yoga 10 years and I discovered raw foods during pregnancy 3 years after I started yoga.

What styles do you practice? Which style do you prefer? Why? Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yoga Therapy, Chakra Vinyasa and Yoga Dance. A combination of all. I can create a style that suits my needs on the day.

 Do you practice every day? YES

How long have you been a raw foodist? What type of raw do you follow now (high fat, low fat, etc). Why? 4 years. Low Fat raw Vegan. Because it’s high energy and species specific i.e. what we are biologically designed for.

Who has most influenced your diet? Durian Rider and Doug Graham

What was your diet like before raw? Vegan. Were you vegetarian/vegan? Yes, I was vegan for 6 years before raw and vegetarian for 3 years before that.

What was your transition to a raw diet like?  Lots of green smoothies, increased health, but too much fat (2 avocado/day), a gradual fall in energy then cut fat to less than 10% and increased fruit intake and I’ve been firing ever since. 2 years Vegaquarian (inc fish), 1 year Vegetarian, 5 years Vegan, 1 year Raw Vegan, 4 years Low fat raw vegan.

 How has a raw food diet affected your practice? Any benefits? Downsides? More energy and clarity. Always have energy for practice and fabulous health. Winter can be challenging to find good fruit.

 Did you practice yoga through your pregnancy? Every day. How did you modify your usual practice, if at all? Slower, more gentle, no extreme backbends, no pressure on abdomen and just listened to my own body and baby.

How has being a mother changed your practice and your dietHugely! I came to raw because I need more energy to breastfeed and carry on my daily practice and activities. Raw has given me the same energy I had when I was a single 25 year old. I am dedicated to feeding my family with as much fruit as possible.

How does your family eat now? That’s a hard one...we manage around 80% High Carb Raw Vegan, my partner occasionally likes fish and my daughter has chosen to eat eggs. During winter it’s harder as the price of fruit goes up and quality goes down, so we aim to get to Bali for a few months. I prefer to make a good steamed veggie dish for the family rather than eat poor quality under-ripe, pesticide laden fruit or worse too much fat. We try to steer clear of grains or legumes unless sprouted and use no oils except coconut on our skin. My daughter needs more fats, so she loves coconuts and olives. We don’t use many packaged superfoods, just the ones from mother earth. It is challenging when my daughter sees all the other kids eating junk food and she wants to have what they are having. So we stay flexible, allow experimentation and give her lots of choices. I eat a lot more fruit than my family, but they do really well and are very healthy and happy and that’s the main thing.

What is your take on salt? Do you include it in your diet? Love to swim in the saltwater, try to avoid eating it. Sometimes I like wakame.

Many yogis claim that ghee or a diet high in fat is necessary for grounding when one has a rigorous practice. What do you think about this? Try putting your feet on the earth, that’s grounding. Ghee is nothing but bovine mammary excretion.

Many yogis follow an Ayurvedic diet. What is your take on the Ayurvedic diet? It’s a great step towards health from a SAD diet. I incorporate some Ayurvedic principles into my diet. Using warm raw soups and spices in winter. 

Do you find any particular fruit, vegetable, or combination affects your practice, either positively or negatively?  I love coriander and papaya which is good for my dosha and tastes great. Lentils are only good sprouted, as they turn to starch and are more easily digested.

Do you include any other types of exercise in your daily routine, such as jogging or dancing? I run 2x week, surf when I have a babysitter and dance as much as possible. How do these activities affect your practice? Surfing makes me stronger and yoga makes me more flexible for surfing. 

Will you talk a little bit about the retreats you offer in Bali and on North Stradbroke Island? Which is your favorite place? At Samadhi we offer gloriously yummy fruit feasts in the sunshiney surf sanctuary we can home...North Stradbroke island. Mangoes are abundant Nov and Dec and bananas and coconuts grow on the island, as well as sweet little native berries called Midjims. The surf here is wave after wave of pure wonder and the wild-life is everywhere, dolphins, whales, turtle and wallabies, koalas, kookaburras and echidnas. We do flow yoga 2x daily and ecstatic dance around the fire. Its best here Sept-May then Bali is my fav place to be...the spirit, culture, people and tropical fruit are heavenly! More info see

Lastly, let’s play the Island Game, just for fun: You are trapped on an island for the rest of your life. It’s a magical island that grows only 5 types of fruit, but the fruit is always in season and always of top quality. What fruits grow on your island? 
 1. Mango
 2. Banana
 3. Rambutan
 4. Dates
 5. Watermelon

What is the best way for people who are interesting in taking a class from you to contact you? or

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