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Interview #6: Chris Kendall

The Banana Commander

Chris Kendall
Age 32
On the move

Blissings, my Name is Christopher Reid Kendall, Chris Kendall aka The Banana Commander!!! I am nearing my 32nd year, flow as a Nomad Sharing all I am and can following want n need wherever I am. Wherever I lay my hat is my home, I oft flow Yoga in Parks, huts, rooms, retreats, and even on Skype! :)

Find out more about Kendalini Yoga, check out Chris's site,

• How long have you been practicing yoga? Did yoga lead you to raw food, raw food to yoga, or did they coincide?
I have been Practicing Yoga for 13 years now, I basically came into Health and yoga at the same time, although Yoga became a part of my Life faster and with more Consistency than Changing my diet. I first found a Robert Yee Intermediate Video and practiced it religiously, at this time I started eating fruit for breakfast, food combining and moved toward vegetarianism.

• What styles do you practice? Which style do you prefer? Why? Do you practice every day?
For the Longest time I practiced mostly Hatha, much Flow n Athletes Yoga. After 5 years of that i learnt Kundalini, enjoyed it for a year then forgot about it for 2. Since then I have rekindled my Love for Kundalini, Stoked a Fire for my own Raw Power Yoga classes and am continuously developing my favourite, my own Kendalini Practice (a cross between Kundalini, Power, Tibetan Rights, Martial Arts and Tomfoolery). I practice Kendalini Everyday from 5 minutes to 2 hours, 30 min would be my average. 

• What kind of training have you invested in? With who?
Most of my training has been on my own, practicing watching videos reading books and of course with friends n more! I've been blessed to be good friends with, and at times live with, some of my favorite yoga teachers I've met, Bliss u all times 1000, Agni G sister , My brother Waylon Belding of and Brittanica Lightfoot of
  • How did you create Kendalini yoga?
Oh me oh my, well hmmm I practiced n practiced Kundalini, when I was asked to Teach it…. Kendalini started bubbling forth. Watching feeling accepting the flow it grew n grew, and still is growing!! I love it, bringing lightheartedness into what us often a serious practice. It really came about spontaneously out of a wish to flow silly fun love n laughter while stirring and stoking the energetic fires within and without. it promises Chi Expansion every time ;)

• How long have you been a raw foodist? What type of raw do you follow now (high fat, low fat, etc).
I have been following a simple Low fat Raw diet for 8 years now, during that time I have slipped a few times, fell flat on my face and chosen to roll in the "hay". U know the saying goes, Ive been 100% 99.9999 % of the last 8 years hahahaha :)

• Who has most influenced your diet?
Firstly Skateboarding first influenced my diet, when I made the connection that food effected my performance (took a long time, 17 years!) my skateboard told me to eat more Plant food, namely fruit n veggies, at that time raw/cooked wasn’t in my mind. From there the Book "Fit For Life" it hit me hard at 18/19, from there out I started eating fruit for breakfast, practiced food combining and started to let go of animal products. 4 Years later I met Dr D. By far I have been influenced more by the Author of "the 80/10/10 diet" Dr Douglas Graham than any other single person. I met him at a Vegan Health Expo while training to become a RHN at CSNN in Vancouver. He exhibited more simple truth vitality and vibrance than anyone I had met, I went raw the next day.

• What was your diet like before raw? Were you vegetarian/vegan?
Before I went Raw I had been a Vegetarian for 4/5 years and vegan for just under 1/2 a year. Before Getting into health and nutrition, at 17, my diet was anything I could get my mouth around shah, cheeper greasier the better!

• What was your transition to a raw diet like?
Before I met Dr Graham I read a few books by David Wolfe and Dabbled with the Raw diet, but I didn't really know how to Apply it. Once I met Doug I seriously just felt like my blinders where taken off, I went 100% the next day and found it incredibly easy. For sure I had a few bumps, slips and choice dives off "the wagon" during my transition, each for different reasons, mental, emotional, spiritual at times, social, societal even. With each I came deeper into my self, deeper into my inner knowing of what I wish to experience and choose in this perfect now. 

• How has a raw food diet affected your practice? Any benefits? Downsides?
To me the raw food diet really deepens every practice/beingness. It increases ones sensitivity and awareness of emotions, sensations, vibrations and emanations. I feel it only brings benefit to any on the path of self-improvement, a true vortex of positive change in every aspect.

• What is your take on salt? Do you include it in your diet?
Salt what a fun subject, one I could go on n on about, i do cover it more on my FAQ's. In short, salt is an excitotoxin, it overstimulates while it increases our toxic load (shown by the bodies need to Dilute the Toxemia with h20) as well as deadens our tastebuds. The minerals in salt are in inorganic form, Plants convert inorganic "rock" minerals into Organic minerals via Bacteria on and around the root hairs of the plant. Organic sodium found in veggies such as in Celery, spinach, purslane, bok choi etc are some of our best sources of Organic Sodium, the form we actually can use and benefit from. The measure of any "food" can be measured by attempting to take it away for a month, if it’s hard to do…. as in causes mental anguish... It’s probably not that good for you!!

        You recently published a recipe ebook, “101 Frickin Rawsome Recipes”. What was your inspiration to create this recipe book? What kind of recipes could someone expect to find in your book?
Oh my In fact it’s just now been out for nearing 2 n 1/2 years!!! Take that ahhaha, just playing :)
This ebook really was inspired by the recipes I came to use the most and enjoy the most in my first 5 years raw. They are all properly food combined, use 1 - 5 ingredients you can find anywhere, are delicious and super quick and easy to make. You can find Smoothies, Green smoothies, Fruit soups, savoury soups, Slaws, Stews, Pastas, Salads, special dishes and much more!!! I offer it on my site By Donation. Click here to see more Frickin Rawsome Recipes.

Haha, you got me on the e-book. I was thinking about your Cravings Busters book. I thought that had come out recently? Or is it still in the works?
hahah all fun, indeed my Cravings Busters book is coming out, I'm actually going to say for Mid to Late Summer, August/sept!!!! Sheepishly I’ll admit I have been saying, I’ts coming out in two months. For over two years every time I've been asked!!! In every moment I believe that but then Other things have trumped it! As with all creative tasks i feel best moving with the current, doing them when moved to rather than attempting to force creativity. It’s been a wonderful growth writing this book, I am most happy it’s taken time as it’s given me time to develop the recipes, add more depth to the book and refine them. Basically as the title "Cravings Busters Transitional Raw Recipes" intones, this whole book is based on simple low fat Raw Gourmet dishes that resemble any cultures cuisine that we love but without the use of oil, tons of nuts, salt or any questionable ingredients that most "gourmet raw" recipe books are filled with. Simply 80/10/10 raw gourmet at its finest, something to quench a craving, something to share with guests, friends and family (who maybe don't prefer simple 811rv) at celebrations! From East Indian Curries to Chilli Burgers n Onion rings, to Enchiladas with mole sauce to perogies with "sautéed mushrooms" and Borsht, this book will cover over 150 recipes spanning all manner of dishes from around the world. Very very excited to flow this one, something I really feel is needed!

Would you mind sharing a Cravings Buster recipe with our readers?
It’s a post with a Leaked recipe? hmmmm I am trying to keep the
rest really tight, but this is a really good one with a blog post n
recipe with it!! hmmm? One of my favorites, even without the Noni! :)


For a Banana Commander sized serving! 

1 lb ripe Noni
1 large Avocado
1 bunch of Green Onions
1 handful of salt free Sun dried Tomatoes and Medjool Dates
2 lbs delicious fresh Tomatoes
1 small bunch Nappa Cabbage
2 bunches of Boc Choy
1 Bunch of your favorite Herb or mixed Dark Greens
Optional Radish!!!

Watch watch watch the video for the assembly information, its easy as peeling a banana, ok well a bit more difficult but hey its pretty easy!!!

Chris occasionally shares recipes and "Kendall bites" with his readers. Check out his site for more tips and food creation ideas!

• You have a lot of sympathy for people who struggle with raw food. Was there a particular food or social situation that was a particular challenge to you when you first went raw, and how did you overcome it?
Oh my, well I really find Ive had challenges in nearly every social situation and around many different foods at times during my journey. What I really found was the biggest obstacle was attachment to my own thoughts, making my thoughts of disunity of discomfort my reality. We may not always choose what we think, or so it seems, but we can choose to repeat n believe our thoughts or to see them as leaves in the wind. Our mind can be trained just like any "muscle", the more we let go  of patterns that don't serve us and move with those that do we strengthen those pathways. When I conciously switch from focusing on my mind created thoughts n self created feelings of being weird, a nuisance, things being difficult etc to instead building my reality from theHeart, building kinship, connection through sharing love and my love of fresh food, to the similarities we all always share in all ways, instead of the differences, all obstacles are overcome.

• Many yogis follow an Ayurvedic diet. What is your take on the Ayurvedic diet? Is a raw food diet compatible? How do you incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your life?
Oh my this is another subject I love to flow on n on with and have with more than a few Ayurvedists (including one of my Nutrition Teachers who said I would Die in 2 years as a Raw Vegan) as well as Chinese Medicine Doctors. I believe all has its perfect place, all systems where created out of a need based on the circumstances and environments they were brought into being in. Systems like Ayurveda as well as Chinese Medicine seek to Create Balance in a Counter/Check type way coming from a place of imbalance due to numerous factors. Personally I have found looking to and taking away the initial Causes of Imbalance to be much more effective.  Through coming to a Natural Holistic Lifestyle one is given the opportunity to remove the need to see things as Opposites, to let go of a Need to Counter and Check to bring into Balance. Nature is already in Balance, when we flow with nature in our symbiotic rhythm we come into balance. I see us coming back to the garden and with that into the ease of knowing we are and being Whole.

• Do you find any particular fruit, vegetable, or combination affects your practice, either positively or negatively?
I fully prefer to practice on a Empty stomach, eating beforehand only saps the body of nerve energy and blood flow. If I were to eat anything before a practice it would be a light watery fruit or one to two bananas. In general all Fruit n Young Tender Leafy green Veggie simply Skyrockets one’s ability to focus, stretch and breathe deep. In every way we find benefits in eating more fresh raw ripe fruits n vegetables every day.

• Do you include any other types of exercise in your daily routine, such as jogging or dancing? How do these activities affect your practice?
I love to Jog, Dance, do handstands, act like a monkey in tree's and parks, skateboarding is one of my favorite activities, biking, skipping, gymnastics and weight lifting all in their place and time. I find such joy in moving around free from mind simply letting my body move with the divine. Sharing the space with my movements, letting go of any form. Wild man time is fun!! shah 

• You travel a lot. How does traveling effect your yoga practice and your diet?
I love love love to travel, much of the time it is specifically to move in with someone to help them with their diet and lifestyle or to a retreat centre or festival to chef, teach yoga, give talks and consult/coach individuals and or groups. Personally I feel liberated by travel, practicing when I feel moved to unattached to the frequency or duration. Some weeks none others tons, all the same and perfect in its place. I find ease in my diet wherever I go these days, in my first few years traveling could be a challenge. These days skipping a meal or two, eating any fruit or veg for a day or two simply isn't a big deal. Often I bring my own where I go to make it easy otherwise I hit any grocer or market and simply enjoy whats fresh n available. You can find Space for Practice and Fresh fruit n veg anywhere! :)

• Please describe a skype yoga class. How do you give adjustments on postures? Do you have to keep rearranging where you put the computer?
My preferred Class's on Skype are Kundalini and Kendalini. With both of these practices I can help with visual adjustments and they require very little camera adjustment, at times none. Raw Power Yoga is great too but requires a bit more "dancing" to show different angles.

• Lastly, let’s play the Island Game, just for fun: You are trapped on an island for the rest of your life. It’s a magical island that grows only 5 types of fruit, but the fruit is always in season and always of top quality. What fruits grow on your island?
Hahah thats a fun one :)
I would grow Mango, Tomato, Cherimoya, Durian and Persimmon er um no banana ahhh. Within each "type" as you said I had "5 Types" I would grow dozens to hundreds of varieties!! shah Mangos have over a thousand so I hear, tomatoes oohhhhh don't get me started, early girl, heirloom, zebra ahhhhh, Cherimoya mmmmmmmany, Durian goodness I've only had 4 kinds n I know there are dozens at the very least, Persimmons … Bananas ahhhhh gosh really!! :) ahaha Where is this island?

• What is the best way for people who are interesting in taking a class from you to contact you?
Well First Bliss u times 53 Lindsay for this gift of an Opportunity to share n flow the sweetness of life outward, I do flow so much in oh my much must go out!! :) 
If you wish to learn more about my Yoga classes peep my Yoga Page at if you wish to learn more about a Holistic Raw Food Lifestyle check the rest of the site, feel free to contact me to set up a class or a consultation via
Been a Pleasure Flowing n growing with you thousand blessings and much Peacelovenseasonalfruit ck :)

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, Chris!

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