Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gone Durian Hunting

For the year 2012 I am off on a fools mission - chasing the durian fruit in SE Asia. For any of you not familiar with the durian, it's a thorny fruit infamous not only for its dangerous spikes and remarkable odor, but for its powers of division. Few people are without opinion when it comes to durian - it's either love or hate.

Interview #8: Amber Zuckswert

Amber Zuckswert

Age 26
San Francisco based
Epicself virtual studio

Amber is a professional dancer, pilates instructor and yogini. She runs the largest raw food meet up group in San Francisco, The Organic Health and Rawfood Meetup Group,which now has 760 members! Amber offers online pilates and yoga classes, as well as raw nutrition coaching and raw yoga retreats. You can find out more about Amber and her upcoming retreats at her website,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Interview #7: Kath Ford

 The Yoga Goddess

  Katherine Ford
  Age 31  North Stradbroke Island  
  Samadhi Raw Yoga Retreat

Yoga Goddess Kath Ford went raw in order to be the best mom possible. Her daughter Oceana is now 4.5years old, and has been high raw vegan her entire life. Kath runs low fat raw vegan yoga retreats in Bali and near her home in North Stradbroke. You can find out more about Kath and her yoga retreats at her website,

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Interview #6: Chris Kendall

The Banana Commander

Chris Kendall
Age 32
On the move

Blissings, my Name is Christopher Reid Kendall, Chris Kendall aka The Banana Commander!!! I am nearing my 32nd year, flow as a Nomad Sharing all I am and can following want n need wherever I am. Wherever I lay my hat is my home, I oft flow Yoga in Parks, huts, rooms, retreats, and even on Skype! :)

Find out more about Kendalini Yoga, check out Chris's site,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Raw South Indian Thali

A thali is a meal usually served as a late lunch. It can be as simple as rice and a few soups and sauces, or as complex as a multi-course meal. Northern Indian Cuisine is quite different than Southern Indian, so a thali will vary a lot depending on where you are. The basics of a thali is a rice, a soup, a vegetable salad, a yogurt, and something sweet. You can mix and match at your own discretion, but here is a sample thali that I created for some friends while studying in Southern India.

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